Weighty Subjects

President of the Board Fran Hill caught eating a candy bar while working out at Green Lake Fitness.

President of the Board Fran Hill caught eating a candy bar while working out at Green Lake Fitness.

Just when you have finally polished off the rest of your Halloween candy (that you MIGHT have stashed away just in case there were more trick or treaters than usual)….here comes TURKEY and mashed potatoes and stuffing…closely followed by pies, and cookies and cheese balls and sugary cocktails.

Yes, it’s that time of the year. For the next month or so, people will be handing you something to eat at approximately five-minute intervals.

And you don’t want to be RUDE. Or GRINCHY. Or UNGRATEFUL.  So you eat it….telling yourself, “Santa’s fat. And he seems happy. Right?”

What no one talks about is the scene on December 31, back at the North Pole, when Santa is trying to fit into his red tux for the New Year’s Eve Ball.

Here’s Santa’s issue: he doesn’t get much exercise. Think about it. It’s too cold to walk anywhere at the North Pole. And he’s got a bunch of elves tending to his every need.  It all adds up to a slow metabolism. Which, in layman’s terms, means: When you put a cookie into your stomach, that’s exactly where it’s going to stay.

Lucky for you, here in Green Lake, you have all sorts of options to rev up your metabolism.  Green Lake Fitness is open all day and all night, every single day of the year. Great for creating your own work-out schedule or running over for an emergency blubber-battling session. AND, every day of the week, Town Square offers a great variety of fitness classes where you can join friends to build strength, cardio and flexibility.

It’s hard to imagine another small community that offers this wealth of fitness options. And it’s all possible because of your support.

Afraid that exercise will just make you hungry? Don’t worry. Only two more minutes until someone hands you something to eat.

Thanks for making it all happen,

Fran Hill
President - Green Lake Renewal Board of Directors