You Could Sell That

How does a new culinary businesses start? A person makes something out of pure passion. And they make it again and again. Because they likes to make it. And people like to eat—or drink—it.

And then people start saying, “You could sell that.” And then more and more people start telling you that. And so you begin wondering and dreaming about starting a business doing something that you love to do. And then you ask around a little…

And… holy cow…. Really? You have to have a certified commercial kitchen to sell your product at retail? Even when you don’t know if it’s actually going to fly?

Enter Green Lake Kitchens, one of the many important projects supported by your donations to Green Lake Renewal. Have you seen it? It’s pretty fantastic. This sleek, professional and fully-equipped space was created by Dr. Barry and Ann Rogers as one of Town Square’s first tenants when it opened in 2012.

The Rogers’ idea: support culinary entrepreneurs with a real certified commercial kitchen available to rent by the hour at affordable prices. In a spectacularly generous move, Barry and Ann Rogers donated the kitchen and all of its equipment to Green Lake Renewal in 2016.

Since it opened, this kitchen has helped creative chefs build businesses offering everything from salsa to chocolate sauce. And, after developing a solid following while working in Green Lake Kitchens, several graduates have gone on to open bricks and mortar locations.

Now THAT is cool.

Do you have a special recipe that is just begging to be brought to market? Or do you know someone who does? What are you waiting for? Just hop on line at or call 920-807-0156 to get started.

Can you think of another small community that has a huge asset like this? Probably not. Once again, it’s your generosity that keeps it going.

Thank you for being part of it,

Fran Hill
President - Green Lake Renewal Board of Directors