What's It To Ya?

You’re probably asking yourself: Why is a community center in a small town getting involved with helping entrepreneurs?

After all, you’re over here playing bingo, making cookies, taking art classes, exercising. That’s community center stuff. What does entrepreneurship have to do with anything?

The answer: EVERYTHING

Entrepreneurs create jobs. And without good jobs, everything else falls apart. While we’re sewing the fabric of our community, enriching our lives with opportunities for health, learning and the arts… good jobs are the all-important backing that holds this fantastic patchwork quilt together.

Did you know that small businesses make up more than 99 percent of U.S. companies, and are responsible for 64 percent of new private-sector jobs? New and growing companies are the force that can employ our residents and attract new residents to our community—people who will shop in our stores, put their children in our schools, buy houses, rent apartments, and do… well… EVERYTHING.

Kathy McCarthy is the face behind the newest business in town, Mill Street Haven.

Kathy McCarthy is the face behind the newest business in town, Mill Street Haven.

Already, Green Lake Renewal has helped start and grow companies including Horseradish Kitchen + Market, Fresh Fit Meals, Peppercorn Catering, Cha cha cha Salsa, Bee Bella, Fox Tale Brewing, and most recently, Mill Street Haven, the new vacation rental and cooking school located in the edge of downtown Green Lake.

And, we’re just getting started.

Our new association with Moraine Park is HUGE. Plus: We are employing our SECRET WEAPON: MENTORS. We are small, but powerful. Right here in Green Lake live some of the nation’s top business executives, people who have built highly-successful enterprises from the ground up. There is probably no other community this size that can offer this type of brain trust.

So – if you are thinking of starting a business, know someone who has the entrepreneurial bug, or would like to join as a mentor, please let us know. Just call or email Green Lake Renewal Executive Director Kate Salas at 920-807-0156 or ksalas@greenlakerenewal.org. She’ll set the wheels in motion.

Thank you for your support in making this important work possible. You really ARE making a difference!

Fran Hill
President - Green Lake Renewal Board of Directors