Our beloved Town Square Community Center, located on the old county courthouse campus, has become the heartbeat of our community—a central gathering place where we gather to learn, laugh, celebrate community, and figure out how to make good things happen. After six years, It’s hard to even imagine Green Lake without Town Square.

That’s why every year we ask you to help that campus going by contributing to the Annual Fund. This fund goes toward heat, lights, lawn mowing. snow removal, repairs—all the everyday stuff that makes the good and fun stuff possible.

This year, our annual appeal goal is $70,000. Town Square is shining example of what we can do together, and your generous donation will ensure that we can keep the fun things happening in 2019 and beyond.

GOAL: $70,000

Raised to Date: $57,895

Donate Online

Ways to Give

  • Send a check payable to Green Lake Renewal at PO Box 608, Green Lake, WI 54941

  • Stop by Town Square and give in person at 492 Hill St., Green Lake, WI 54941

Here are a few of the many things happening because of supporters like you:

We are busy revitalizing our communities and we certainly could not do any of this without YOUR support

Together we are making positive changes for the Green Lake area.