Mill Pond Terrace

A new, multi-functional, outdoor space to be located to the north of the Town Square Community Center overlooking Green Lake’s Mill Pond. The plan incorporates green and paved spaces, multiple levels and curved lines to create a series of user-friendly and flexible spaces to accommodate markets, events, and mobile vendors.

Our Goals


This project will take an unused space with untapped potential and create an exciting “waterfront” area in the heart of Green Lake for everyone to enjoy.


Infinite outdoor activities will attract people to our parks, streets and sidewalks, ultimately creating a strong sense of community and excitement.


Green Lake's swiftly expanding market will offer a large paved space with power and water for farmers, craftspeople and food trucks to use.

The Elements

Funds raised will help cover beautiful landscaping, an irrigation system, terraces, a sidewalk from the east part of Town Square Community Center to the new area, a retaining wall, steps to each level, recycling and trash receptacles, benches, restroom access, parking lot paving, lighting, electrical and water outlets.


Local Contractors

working with us to make the vision a reality

  • Egbert Excavating

  • Kinas Excavating

  • Outdoor Impact

  • Stahl Plumbing

  • Grasee Electric

  • Stagg Builders

  • Carew Concrete

  • Mckay nursery

  • jankowski construction