Working to Revitalize Our Communities.

Green Lake Renewal has become known for doing BIG THINGS. A wharf. A community center. A fitness center. A commercial kitchen. But when it comes down to it, it’s not the THINGS that matter. It’s the people. Because it is PEOPLE who create vibrancy. More people. Doing more things. Becoming more engaged. Creating more energy. Creating more momentum.
— Fran Hill, CEO

What we've achieved since 2008

  • Built a spectacular wharf

  • Upgraded downtown facades

  • Opened a thriving community center

  • Refurbished walkways and staircases

  • Added downtown plantings, benches and recycling bins

  • Opened a 24-hour fitness center 

  • Launched ongoing exercise classes

  • Constructed an ice rink

  • Hosted art classes, art studios, galleries and public sculptures

  • Created a bike garden

  • Opened a commercial kitchen business incubator

  • Constructed an electronic information kiosk