Thank You for Making this Dream a Reality

You are helping make a huge difference for our charming community.

None of this would be possible without your support.


$25,000 – $50,000+

Sean and Jo Ellen Madden
The Joe Pregont Family

$10,000 – $24,999

Mike and Jill Havey
Mary and Charlie Lofgren Family
John and Mary Madden

$5,000 – $9,999

Phil and Linda Burkart Family
David Armstrong and Matt Cudney
Chris Barbin and Lori Csaszar
Dave and Kathy Cullen
Stephen and Karen Kennedy
David and Joan Lloyd
John Mason and Mary Cyrier
Cyril and Joyce Matter
Oshkosh Area Community Foundation
Alex and Sarah Pearsall
Jerry and Judy Specht

$2,500 – $4,999

Kent and Lee DeLucenay
Justin and Erin Foley
Jack and Jane Haugsland
Mark and Jennifer Hawley
Dan and Pat Jorndt
Bruce and Laura Lee Family
Justus Paul and Lynn Grout-Paul
Mike and Jean Regan
In Loving Memory of Charlotte M. Roessl
Dean and Carole Sotter
Debra Walker and Rich Christian
Tom and Mary Wisniewski
Dave and Diane Wright

$1,000 – $2,499

Adashun Jones Real Estate
Jen Aither
Dan and Deb Bierman
Orlo and Lois Bierman
Brian and Melanee Burns Family
Bill and Pat Curren
Drew and Lisa Diedrich
John and Kathy Elting
Hal and Lydia Erickson
Dave, Anne, Ryan and Adam Gary
Larry and Victoria Gundrum
Bob and Patty Huffman
The Kosin Family
Johan and Sarah Loberg
McClone Insurance
McKay Nursery Company
Rhonda Murray
Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems, Inc.
The O'Keefe Family
Hank and Jane Pearsall
Dennis and Maureen Ryan
Matt and Molly Ryan
Edward L. and Margo S. Schulte
Tom and Wendy Schultz
Sign Palace, Inc.
Jeff Shadick and Mike Ertmer
Steve Siders
Rip and Sue Suster
Tom and Jane Willett
Rick Wilson and Rod Keith
Steven and Brigid Yeomans

$500 – $999

Erik and Amy Arnetveit
Dan and Joan Ambrosino
Tim and Karin Bice
Marc and Joni Blackman
Gretchen Winter and Jim Brown
Joe and Ann Chamberlain
Thomas and Laura Clydesdale
Death's Door Spirits
The Diedrich Agency
Mike and Dave Fox
Mark and Janice Franzen 
Robb and Helen Gair
David and Elizabeth Goodspeed
Mark and Sandy Hess
Dan and Fran Hill
In Honor of Joe Ambrogio
Scott and Mary-Jo Johnson
Ken and Jenna Julian
John and Nancy Kirtley
Mark and Kyle Klarich
Tom and Linda Kloosterboer
Koch Family
Scott Kuehne and Carrie O'Malley
The Leahy Family
Greg and Beth Myers
Darin and Natasha Novak
Pat Phillips
Bill and Martha Pickrell
Melissa Ptacek
Bill and Peggy Ramette
Paul and Heidi Semenske
Michael and Jeanne Shohoney
Doug and Toni Shumaker
Jeff Simon and Deborah Ramsey
Special Properties Ltd
Karla Spinks
Jed, Danell, Lydia and Leo Stellmacher
Gary and Becky Thorsen
Mike White and Family
Mike and Sue Wilkin
Bur and Kelly Zeratsky

$250 – $499

The Banister Family
Denis Barrett and Joanie Scannell
The Larry and Gail Bell Family
Ross and Paula Bilodeau
Bill and Breeda Carr
Kelly Condon and Jim Hoy
Paddy Condon and Lisa Gonzalez
Bryan Dahl
Rich Dickard and Cathy Caldrone
Bob and Ellen Drisner
Betsy Dustman
Emmer Real Estate
Fusion Creative
Bill and Lori Graham
John and Cathy Jennings
Patrick and Katy Kennedy
Leo and Susan LaCroix
Kirk and Jennifer LaPean
Jane and Claire Lind
Cole and Sara Markee Family
Roger and Anne Mayer
Jessie Mitchell
Modern Rentals
Bill and Kathy Munsey
Park and Oak Interior Design
Greg and Sue Pawlowicz
Kurt and Jane Piernot
Tim and Laurie Quernemoen
Daniel and Lisa Sondalle
Jonathan and Erin Stroebel
Tuscumbia Country Club
Peter and Nancy Vandervelde
Gerald and Lorene Walter
Sue Wendt
Jim and Ginger White
Tom and Ellie Wiscomb

$100 – $249

Ambassador Travel Ltd.
Angel Inn
Michael, Laura and MJ Amick
A Well Feathered Nest
The Jim and Karin Anderson Family
Paul Axelrod and Michelle Feurch
David and Mary Ball
Ann and Tom Bartosz
Ken and Kim Bates
Bayview Landing Ice Cream Parlor
Greg and Barb Becker
Larry and Barb Behlen
Todd and Betty Berens
Mike and Helcia Bierman
Bernard and Sharon Biondo
Marge Bostelmann
Danny Breivogel and Cheri Rose
Bill and Jackie Brunn
The Desiree Brush Family
The John E. Burke Family
Mark Buth and Annali Brunetti
In Memory of Dick and Millie Brus
The Justin and Kari Clark Family
David and Eileen Cole
Steve Cornett, Jenice Mischler and Andrea Cornett
Glenn and Rene Cygan
The Dahl Family
Phil and Diane Daling
George and Liz Daniels
Dean Family Foundation, Inc.
Steve and Michele Deblock
Dennis and Scott
Dann Denslow
The DeThorne Family
The Digan Family
Sharon Dolan
Ted and Cathy Dominowski
Michelle and Kelley Drake
David and Karen Duehring
Richard and Susan Edwards
Rick Evans
Ruth Ferris
The Fuller Family
Brad and Linda Gaffney
Evelyn Galster
Cassandra Ganas-Barbour
Jim and Pat Gelhar
John and Cindi Gilmore
Julie Gneiser
Barry and Susie Gray
Greenway House Bed and Breakfast
Rich Grennan and Penny Howell
In Memory of Brian Hamming
Gary and Desiree Hazelberg
Ed and Jane Heiser
Larry and Kris Herrell
Joe and Darlene Holik
Matt Hopkins and Colleen Detjen
Ila Hunt
The James Family
Derrick and Agnes Jeziorowski
Tom and Edie Johnston
Ken and Kate Kelly
Gail Kimen
In Memory of Pamela Herms Kinas
The Kitzman Family
Jared, Alex and Norah Kohlenberg
Shan Kramer
Steve and Kathy Kunzweiler
Bob and Carol Kuphal
Don and Susan Lamers
Tiana Late
June and Phil Leigh
Shirley Lenz
The Levy Family
In Memory of Scott and Justine Lietz
Jamie Beach and Star Lietz
Lo Family
The Jay Loos Family
Judy, Terry and Connor Loughlin
Jim and Pam Lutsch
John P. Madden
Michael J. Madden
William D. Madden
Tom, Kathy and Sophia McCarthy
Jon McConnell
Peter and Gail McEnroe
McHugh Family, Princeton, WI Est. 2016
John and Jennifer Meiborg
Ryan and Loni Meiborg
Chuck and Sally Metzgar
Jerry and Laura Morgan
Jeffery and Kathleen Morris
Bill and Peggy Mulligan
Thomas and Dianne Navta
Bill and Judy Neill
Matt and Mary Nielsen
John and Jane Nordberg
Wayne and Geri Nowicki
Art and Carol Ogren
Mark and Michelle O'Mahoney
In Memory of Lyndon Pamenter
The Panter Family
Peppercorn Catering
The "Little Acorn" Pepoon Family
Bill and Renee Peters
Jeff and Norene Peterson
Barbara Picardo
Lynn and Bobbie Pollesch
Dan and Carole Priske
Robert Provo and Dorothy Blankenship
Chris and Cathy Ramsay
Scot Rans & Sarah Geisert
The Reichard Family
Richard and Carol Reindl
Dave and Yvonne Richter
Terry Robinson
Rafael and Kate Salas
Marion Sandleback
Joanne Schalk
Gary and Dawn Scholtens
The Dennis Seno Family
Mike and Sharon Shervey
Tom and Jean Simcoe
Dan, Jacquelyn, and Chris Skahill
Dick and Mary Slavik
Daniel and Cynthia Steinbach
Terry and Rita Socha
Severin and Elaine Swanson
Sharon Swanson
Erik and Christine Taylor
Ted and Margit Thompson
Nicholas and Brady Vandervelde
Jim and Judy VanderWerff
Vaubel Family
The Vertenten Family
Tom and Jeanne Wagner
Charlie and Lauren Walker
Rick and Alyssa Walsh
Rick and Liane Walsh
Susan and Paul Warner
The Waterhouse Family
Ms. Vanessa Watts
Dennis C. and Sharon Wesel
Patty, Amanda, Allison and Brian White
Paul and Lindsey White
Mike and Judy Zeman
Michael and Gretchen Zook
Patricia Zook
The Zuska Family

We Thank Our Local Contractors

who worked with us to make this dream a reality.