Defining Craziness

Hi everybody,

Here it is. November in Wisconsin. The first snow is on the ground, and anyone with much sense has fled to Florida or Arizona. You would need to be crazy to stay in Green Lake all year. Right?

Well, you would also have to be crazy to take a 70,000 square foot building and turn it into a community center in a little town in the middle of Wisconsin. But six years ago, that’s exactly what we did. And if you’re reading this, you’re part of that effort. And so, even if you are reading this on a bright and sunny day, somewhere far south of here, you are officially crazy, too.

For which your community is extremely grateful. Town Square was created by all of you who see things not as they are, but as they could be. Which is a little crazy. And a little unsettling. And risky. And hard.

But those are the exact things that make life worth living.

When the summer season comes to an end, people often comment: “I suppose things are quieting down now at Town Square.”


We like to use the expression: “There’s always something happening at Town Square.” Because it’s true. Every day of the year, friends, neighbors and visitors walk through the doors of your great community center to learn, create, celebrate and give Green Lake the unbelievable human energy that makes this the greatest little spot on planet earth.

Is it crazy to ignore the facts and focus on the possibilities? Probably. But that’s okay. Because our collective craziness is changing the course of our future every single day.

Thank you for being part of it,

Fran Hill
President - Green Lake Renewal Board of Directors